Reconditioned Transmissions for Welling Motorists

The transmission is one of the most complex and important parts of a vehicle. While not all garages have the capability to carry out automatic transmission repairs, Dartford Transmissions & Autocare Ltd have over 50 years of experience in automatic transmission repairs and automatic gearbox repairs. Serving motorists in the Welling area and the wider Greater London & Kent areas, we also supply and fit high-quality reconditioned transmissions.


In some cases, the damage to your vehicle’s transmission is so extensive that repairs are no longer a wise option. In these situations, we recommend that our customers allow us to replace their systems with rebuilt transmissions. There are a number of great reasons why fitting reconditioned transmissions is often a better option for our Welling clients, than carrying out automatic transmission repairs or gearbox repairs. Here are just a few…


Advantages of Purchasing Reconditioned Transmissions


Cost Effective – Reconditioned transmissions are significantly cheaper than brand new ones. Built out of used parts that have been chemically washed, cleaned, inspected and repaired –they’re often up to the standard of brand new transmissions. Why shell out for extensive automatic gearbox repairs, when you can get your vehicle back performing safely and efficiently and have money left over?


The Green Option – If you’re an environmentally-minded driver, you may find that reconditioned transmissions are especially appealing, as they are built from recycled parts. The raw materials and energy required to build new transmissions is very significant, so if you’re keeping an eye on your carbon footprint – avoid buying a new one and come to Dartford Transmissions & Autocare Ltd, near Welling, for eco-friendly recycled replacements and cost effective automatic transmission repairs.


Reliability – You may be put-off investing in reconditioned transmissions purely because they are “second-hand”. But we are so confident in the quality of our transmissions, we offer a 12,000 mile or 1-year warranty on them to all our customers in Welling and the surrounding areas. We believe they’re just as reliable as brand new transmissions and a safe alternative to automatic gearbox repairs and automatic transmission repairs.


If you’re in Welling and have a question regarding our reconditioned transmissions, automatic gearbox repairs or any other aspect of what we do – don’t hesitate to call our highly experienced and dedicated team at Dartford Transmissions & Autocare Ltd today.

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