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As a time served mechanic for Thurrock and all surrounding locales, Dartford Transmissions has a broad range of services that will help keep your vehicle safely on the road. From automatic gearbox repairs, to transmission fluid replacements or a timely mega flush to keep everything in working order, call us the next time your transmission needs some TLC. We can even replace those that are damaged beyond repair with reconditioned transmissions, which are far cheaper than first-hand ones and just as fit for purpose.


In this article, we’ve looked at 4 of the most common mistakes that Thurrock motorists make with their transmissions, and how to avoid them. To book in an appointment at our Dartford location, or to seek advice from a friendly, qualified mechanic, pick up the phone and contact us on 01322 281 212.


4 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Transmission


Neglecting Servicing


We recommend making the short drive down from Thurrock for tuning up from time to time (every two years or so, depending on usage). Just like a check-up at the doctors, a service will ensure everything is working A-OK. Being proactive is much more preferable to being reactive, e.g with automatic gearbox repairs once something’s gone wrong! During servicing we can identify emerging problems, and recommend services like transmission fluid replacements or a mega flush.


Operating Vehicle With Low Fluid Level


If your transmission fluid is low, visit us for transmission fluid replacements. Continuing to drive on a low level can lead to significant problems with internal parts, which simply won’t stay lubricated or cool enough to function optimally.


Using Wrong Fluid Type


The wrong fluid type can also cause major headaches for Thurrock motorists. So if you’ve just invested in a new vehicle, or had a faulty transmission swapped out with one of our high-performance reconditioned transmissions, it pays to double and triple check you’re using the right transmission liquid. Obviously, we’ll be able to tell you exactly what fluid to use to avoid the need for unwarranted automatic gearbox repairs – so this advice is targeted at those who might look to carry out transmission fluid replacements on a DIY level.


Ignoring Issues


If your transmission starts making strange noises, gears start slipping or similar issues emerge that weren’t occurring before – don’t hesitate in visiting us, we’re not far from Thurrock! By delaying things like automatic gearbox repairs, transmission fluid replacements, a mega flush or similar procedures, you could be endangering both your own health and safety and your vehicle’s health.

Searching for a trustworthy provider of automatic gearbox repairs, transmission fluid replacements and similar mechanical services near Thurrock? Call 01322 281 212 today!