Mega Flushing and Automatic Gearbox Repairs in Thurrock

Do Automatic Transmissions Need Maintenance?

Although automatic vehicles are low maintenance compared to manual options, they still need periodic maintenance and repair services. As experienced BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover specialists, Dartford Transmissions carries out car servicing and repairs for all types of automatic vehicles in Thurrock. This includes automatic gearbox repairs and mega flush services. If you’re wondering why you need professional maintenance for your automatic car, read this handy guide from our trusted independent garage.

Many vehicle owners in Thurrock and the surrounding areas choose automatic transmissions thanks to the ease they bring to driving. However, many people believe that automatic gearboxes do not require maintenance, unlike manual gearboxes. This is incorrect and it is important to arrange periodic car servicing that should include gearbox maintenance and necessary automatic gearbox repairs.

Transmission Problems & Fluid Changes

Automatic gearboxes contain transmission fluid which acts as a lubricant and provides heat dispersion as well as keeping the system clean. While some manufacturers claim transmission fluid should never need changing, realistically it should last for 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Many automatic cars in the Thurrock area will at some point have transmission related problems that will require a mega flush, which we carry out at our trusted independent garage. Signs to look out for include:

• Slow or Erratic Gear Changes
• Noisy Gear Changes or Loud Transmission
• Vehicle Jumping or Surging
• Slipping Gears

If you notice any of these problems, it is essential to arrange car servicing as soon as possible. Carrying out fluid changes and automatic gearbox repairs early enough can solve the problem before your transmission becomes too damaged to repair.

As BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover specialists, we carry out maintenance and repairs for these makes as well as all other automatic vehicles in Thurrock.

Mega Flush

Periodically changing your transmission fluid is the best way to keep your vehicle in good condition. Dartford Transmissions and Autocare Ltd provides a professional mega flush service that prevents gearbox problems, extends the life of your transmission and minimises the risk of premature failure.

In many cases, a mega flush can restore the performance of your transmission without the need for further automatic gearbox repairs. However, if problems have become severe, it may be necessary to replace the transmission, which is much more expensive. This is why it is so important to arrange regular maintenance and car servicing.

Additional Services

As well as flushing and gearbox repairs, our BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover specialists undertake a variety of other services to keep your automatic vehicle in Thurrock safe and reliable. From diagnostic services to brake repairs and the supply of new and reconditioned parts, our trusted independent garage provides everything your vehicle needs.

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