Gearbox Repairs & Reconditioned Transmissions in Orpington

While some problems with vehicles are easy to spot, a flat tyre for example, others can be trickier to identify. Issues that require automatic gearbox repairs, automatic transmission repairs or reconditioned transmissions can be especially mystifying to the uninitiated. But there are some common signs to look out for, signifying it’s your transmission that’s the problem. On this page, for the benefit of motorists in the Orpington area, just a short drive from Dartford Transmissions, we’ve run through some of these key signs.


5 Signs You Might Require Automatic Transmission Repairs


1. Unresponsive Handling – If your vehicle won’t go into gear, or hesitates going into gear, then there’s likely something wrong with your transmission. Automatic gearbox repairs or automatic transmission repairs are often required if there’s a delay between when you switch between drive and park and when you feel the gear engage.


2. Strange Sounds – Whether it’s a buzzing, whining or humming sound, strange and out-of-the-ordinary noises can signal problems with your transmission. If you hear one while driving around Orpington, bring your vehicle to the experts at Dartford Transmissions, where we can use our diagnostics equipment to accurately diagnose the issue. We specialise in repairs and fitting reconditioned transmissions.


3. Leaking or Low Fluid – If your vehicle is leaking a bright red colour that’s clear and has a sweet smell to it, or a dark red fluid with a burnt smell to it, then your transmission has likely been compromised. We’ll either patch up the hole or change and flush the fluid, depending on whether your vehicle’s automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is in good condition or not. Leaking ATF is one of the top causes for transmission breakdown and from time to time, it’s worth checking under your bonnet with a dipstick to ensure you have enough fluid.


4. Burning Smell – Transmission fluid helps keep your transmission lubricated and cool. When the fluid breaks down, your system may start to run too hot due to increased friction. This will eventually lead to the system breaking down entirely, which could be extensive repair requirements. An early warning sign is a burning smell. If you notice one, consult the experts at Dartford Transmissions, near Orpington, as soon as possible.


5. Dashboard Indicator – The most obvious sign that you require automatic gearbox repairs or automatic transmission repairs is a light on your dashboard telling you so! Keep an eye on it, and if that dreaded LED does light up, bring your vehicle to Dartford Transmissions. Even if you require an entirely new transmission, we have reconditioned transmissions available to our Orpington clients at extremely competitive prices.


If you require any kind of automatic gearbox repairs, automatic transmission repairs or reconditioned transmissions supplied and fitted, choose Dartford Transmissions. We’ll beat prices offered by main dealers and competing garages around Orpington and offer an altogether more thorough, specialist service.

Experienced any of the above problems with your vehicle? Call our experts in automatic gearbox repairs and reconditioned transmissions in Orpington, on 01322 281 212.