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automatic gearbox repairs gravesend

One of the biggest stresses for your engine and gearbox is the heat generated by the clutch plates constantly coming into contact with each other to create friction. The transmission fluid disperses this heat and lubricates internal Gearbox or transmission components, but it needs changing regularly because the fluid breaks down and becomes ineffective. Sludge, rust and acid form in the fluid, leading to transmission faults and failures.

This is where Dartford Transmissions come in. We provide an innovative service called a Mega Flush for motorists in Dartford, Grays, Thurrock and the surrounding areas.


This service is a total fluid exchange and involves the following:


  • Total extraction of all existing fluid
  • Cleaning process to eliminate dirt, grit and pollutants
  • Full inspection for leaks, which pose a problem if left unattended
  • Refill with new and clean fluid


Some of our Dartford, Thurrock and Grays customers may wonder how a gearbox and transmission flush differs from the standard “drain and fill” form of transmission fluid replacement. The old technique, used by most local garages, replaces less than 40% of the transmission fluid. In comparison, The Mega Flush system replaces just under 100% of the transmission fluid.


In this respect, it is far more effective than the “drain and fill” method.


Benefits of a regular total fluid exchange include the extension of automatic transmission system life, saving you money in the long run because automatic gearboxes have expensive repair and replacement costs. Motorists also benefit from improved engine performance. We strongly recommend that motorists in Dartford, Grays and Thurrock book in for a Mega Flush every 40,000 miles.


If it has been more than 40,000 miles since your last total fluid exchange, don’t put it off any longer and contact us today on 01322 281 212.

Book in for a transmission flush at our Dartford workshop, just a short drive from Grays and Thurrock, by calling 01322 281 212. We use the innovative Mega Flush system.

automatic gearbox repairs gravesend
automatic gearbox repairs gravesend