Affordable Automatic Gearbox Repairs in Grays | Dartford Transmissions

Vehicles are complex things, utilising a large number of moving components to get you from A to B.  That’s why it pays to have a number at hand for when something does go wrong. Dartford Transmissions, popular amongst Grays motorists, is that number. Call us for accurate diagnostics, and anything from automatic gearbox repairs to transmission fluid replacements. We even installed reconditioned transmissions, should you need one replaced at a more affordable cost.


Below, we’ve looked at one of the most common tasks that we find ourselves carrying out for Grays motorists, transmission troubleshooting and diagnostics. If you’re more interested in one of the other services detailed across this website, like a mega flush, pick up the phone and call 01322 281 212.


Troubleshooting Transmission Issues


Fluid Leak – A fluid leak can signal a number of issues, many of which we can fix via automatic gearbox repairs or transmission fluid replacements. These include a defective pan gasket, leaking pan, faulty seal/s, leaking fluid line, loose pan bolts or a faulty torque converter.


Overheating – A common issue experienced by Grays drivers is an overheating transmission. This can signal low fluid levels, a burnt fluid, clogged up cooler lines, a heavy amount of strain being placed on the vehicle (e.g hauling heavy loads in hot weather, or a defective solenoid.


Strange Noises – Noticed a clicking or whining noise emerging from your transmission? This typically signals the need for transmission fluid replacements, although it can also be a faulty torque converter which calls for automatic gearbox repairs.


Gears Slipping – Again, this could be low fluid levels, a faulty solenoid, gears suffering from too much wear and tear, damaged transmission bands or burnt clutch plates. Grays motorists experiencing slipping gears, or indeed delayed / erratic shifting, should visit us for diagnostics ASAP.


The above signs and subsequent investigations complement your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic codes, to ensure that we can quickly fix the issue for Grays clients – whether this involves automatic gearbox repairs, transmission fluid replacements or a mega flush. If your transmission is beyond repair, we recommend replacing it with recommissioned transmissions, which are much cheaper than brand new ones and just as good.

For professional, affordable automatic gearbox repairs or any of the other automotive services detailed above, call Dartford Transmissions near Grays or 01322 281 212.