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4 Top Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Many car problems happen in the winter, when the days are dark and the weather is bad. To avoid a breakdown or other vehicle issues at the worst possible time, it is important to ensure your car in Grays is prepared for winter. With over 60 years of experience between us, the BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover specialists at Dartford Transmissions provide comprehensive services and advice to make your car ready for the winter months. Our trusted independent garage covers everything from car servicing to mega flushing and automatic gearbox repairs.

Proper winter maintenance not only avoids inconvenient problems, but also ensures the safety of you, your passengers and other road users. The following are our top tips for car safety and performance:

1. Car Servicing & Repairs

Arranging a full car service before the weather turns bad is the best way to prevent breakdowns and more minor issues during the winter. Although we are Land Rover specialists, we carry out servicing and repairs for all car makes and models in Grays.

A full service includes a variety of checks to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition, such as:

• Fluid Checks, Top Ups & Changes
• Engine Inspections
• Diagnostics
• Brake & Safety Checks
• Inspection of Tyres
• Mega Flush Service

Because we provide complete car servicing, after a thorough inspection we recommend any necessary services and carry out high quality repairs. As a trusted independent garage, we offer reliable services and supply suitable, quality parts, no matter what vehicle you have.

2. Automatic Gearbox Repairs

Automatic gearboxes are popular with many drivers in Grays and the surrounding areas, but it is important to keep them in good condition. Although automatic gearboxes often have a maintenance free label, they still require periodic checks to maintain performance and safety.

Dartford Transmissions carries out checks and automatic gearbox repairs to keep your car running smoothly throughout the winter.

3. Mega Flush

A professional mega flush solves and prevents problems with your automatic transmission, including transmission failure. Consequently, our BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover specialists recommend a periodic flush to keep transmission fluid working as it should.

When preparing your vehicle in Grays for winter, a mega flush is an ideal addition to minimise the risk of transmission failure in cold and dark conditions

4. Battery Check

During the winter, your battery is subject to cold temperatures which reduce output. You also use the lights, heater and blower more, placing the battery under additional strain. As such, it is important to make sure your battery is in good condition and charging properly. Our trusted independent garage can check your battery for you and replace it if necessary, either as a standalone service or as part of wider car servicing, ensuring your vehicle is as prepared as possible for winter.

Our services in Grays make sure vehicles run as they should, giving you peace of mind that your car will continue to work even in adverse and icy weather.

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