Automatic Transmissions and Automatic Gearbox Repairs in Dartford

Everything you Need to Know

Automatic transmissions are a popular option for domestic drivers as well as fleet operators. They offer a variety of benefits and with regular servicing provide years of effective use. At Dartford Transmissions, we undertake full car servicing for your vehicle including automatic gearbox repairs. We are BMW and Land Rover specialists and provide a mega flush for all automatic transmissions. As a trusted independent garage, we are the company of choice for all automatic services.

Whether you have an automatic car or are looking to buy one, there are some key points you should know to ensure you get the most from your vehicle.

Benefits of Automatic Gearboxes

There are a variety of reasons why drivers in Dartford choose automatic over manual vehicles. The following are just some of the main benefits you can enjoy.

Whatever vehicle you have, as a trusted independent garage we provide full car servicing, maintenance and repairs, including a mega flush for automatic transmissions.

Easier to operate – Automatic vehicles are much simpler to operate than manual cars. This makes them a perfect option for those who struggle to get to grips with clutch control and gear shifting, or those who are more anxious on the road.

Better for use in heavy traffic – If you live in a built up or busy area, automatic transmissions make driving less of a chore. This is because there is no need to constantly change gears.

If you experience problems with your gearbox, Dartford Transmissions carries out diagnostics and repairs. Because we’re Land Rover specialists, we even provide main dealer solutions for Land Rovers.

Hilly areas – Automatic cars take the hassle out of hill driving. No matter how steep the hill, automatics keep your car running efficiently and take the difficulty out of hill starts.

Low risk of stalling – Many drivers in Dartford find stalling embarrassing. With an automatic gearbox, there is no risk of accidentally stalling your car. You’ll only stall if there’s a mechanical problem. If this is the case, our engineers diagnose the issue and carry out automatic gearbox repairs.

To ensure you enjoy the full benefits of your vehicle, it is important to bring it in for periodic car servicing. As well as regular maintenance, our trusted independent garage can provide a mega flush which fully replaces transmission fluid and cleans the system to keep it operating effectively.

Choose Dartford Transmissions for Automatic Gearbox Repairs

If you notice a problem with your automatic transmission, come and visit Dartford Transmissions in Kent. We have specialist equipment on site to carry out full diagnostics and repairs.

We are experienced in all automatic transmissions including S Tronic and DSG and supply new and reconditioned parts with a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty.

Because we are BMW and Land Rover specialists, we use dealer specific equipment for these makes and provide main dealer diagnostics.

Call us on 01322 281212 or 01322 222608 for automatic gearbox repairs, advice and general car servicing in Dartford and the surrounding areas.


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