Automatic Gearbox Repairs in Dartford from Independent Specialists

At Dartford Transmissions & Autocare Ltd, our automatic gearbox repairs see us enjoying an unrivalled marketplace reputation that extends throughout the surrounding Kent and Medway areas. Our services range from a simple diagnostic check to transmission fluid replacement and complete reconditioned transmissions. We have a highly experienced and dedicated team of technicians who deliver fast-class customer service and skilled workmanship on all aspects of gearbox repairs.


The Importance of Gearbox Repairs & Reconditioned Transmissions


The transmission is an essential aspect of your car’s engine and is vital to enable your vehicle to run smoothly. Whether your transmission is automatic or manual, it is important to have it checked as part of your routine vehicle maintenance in order to help prevent break downs and automatic gearbox repairs being required. Bringing your car to our automotive specialists in Dartford for a transmission fluid replacement or reconditioned transmissions, helps to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently.


Dartford Transmissions & Autocare Ltd have been specialising in automatic gearbox repairs for over 50 years and are perfectly situated for customers in Kent looking for high-quality automotive services. We offer fair and competitive pricing for gearbox repairs, transmission fluid replacement and reconditioned transmissions, which are inclusive of diagnostic costs, labour and aftercare. Our engineers can resolve minor and major issues for motorists, using manufacturer-specific parts to keep your warranties intact.


Transmission Fluid Replacement Specialists


There are various fluids that are essential to keeping your car running, transmission fluid being a key one. Transmission fluid deteriorates over time as your vehicle is used, which is why replacing transmission fluid is so important. At Dartford Transmissions & Autocare Ltd, customers in Kent and the surrounding areas will receive the best service from our experts. We offer replace transmission fluids and remove as much as 98% of the old material.


Along with fluid replacement, our team is skilled at performing all aspects of automatic gearbox repairs and we provide the highest quality reconditioned transmissions in the Dartford area. When a full disassembly is required, we chemically wash all removed parts before inspecting them for wear and tear. Worn components are replaced and your vehicle’s gearbox meticulously reassembled. Reconditioned transmissions come with an exclusive 12,000 miles or 12-month warranty.


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