Servicing and Mega Flush in Croydon for Automatic Transmissions

Prevention is Better than Cure

If you want to keep your vehicle in good condition and avoid expensive repairs, you need a mega flush service. This is the best way to keep automatic transmissions clean and running smoothly, and because we are Jaguar, BMW and Land Rover specialists, we carry out repairs on these complex makes as well as all other popular vehicles. As a trusted independent garage, we can include a mega flush with your regular car servicing or, if your system is damaged, we provide automatic gearbox repairs and replacements for vehicle owners in Croydon.

Along with other professional services, such as DPF cleaning, Dartford Transmissions gives you the most from your vehicle and saves you from expensive repairs.

When you book in with us for regular car servicing, you know your vehicle is in capable hands. With professional diagnostic equipment, we catch potential issues before they become more serious and a mega flush is just one of the ways we prevent costly faults.

How does car servicing prevent problems?

Periodic car servicing and maintenance from a trusted independent garage prevents issues with your vehicle by keeping systems in the best possible condition. Our Land Rover specialists and engineers work with all kinds of vehicle owners in Croydon and the surrounding areas to avoid the need for automatic gearbox repairs and other issues.

Parts of your vehicle have a limited lifespan, after which they will need replacing, such as, engine oil, brake pads and spark plugs. Other elements will also need replacing at some point but don’t necessarily have a predictable lifetime, such as tyres and lights. General servicing and maintenance make sure we replace these parts before any damage occurs to your vehicle.

Furthermore, as well as preventing costly issues, car servicing ensures you get the best performance from your vehicle. Our engineers and Land Rover specialists achieve this by undertaking services to optimise your vehicle.

Mega flush to extend transmission life

A mega flush using specialist equipment extends the life of your transmission and helps you avoid the need for a premature replacement. A mega flush is much cheaper than a full transmission replacement, so it’s a service worth having if you have an automatic vehicle in Croydon, Dartford or Kent.

By cleaning the system and replacing fluid, our trusted independent garage minimises the risk of transmission failure and reduces the wear of clutch plates. This results in smoother shifting and a more enjoyable driving experience as well as preventing the need for automatic gearbox repairs.

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