Automatic Transmission Repairs & Reconditioned Transmissions in Croydon

Our team is proud to have built a quality reputation, not just in our hometown of Dartford and wider Kent, but also in certain areas of Greater London, like Croydon. This is partly because we specialise in two very specific areas of the automotive industry, each of which is niche and highly technical – gearbox repairs and automatic transmission repairs. On this page, we look at how reconditioned transmissions and our trusted automatic gearbox repairs have helped customers across the South East of England and how they can benefit you.


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Advantages of Reconditioned Transmissions


Croydon motorists come to us for a wide range of services, from basic diagnostics tests to the removal, reconditioning and refitting of a vehicle’s transmission. Dartford Transmissions’ technicians are fast, efficient and friendly – we pride ourselves on our first-class customer service. If you’ve noticed any change in your driving experience, bring your vehicle to our experienced team. We will quickly diagnose the issue and carry out any work that needs doing, ensuring you’re not kept off the road for any longer than you need to be.


Along with our specialist automatic gearbox repairs and automatic transmission repairs, we fit reconditioned automatic transmissions for customers in Croydon that come with long-term guarantees. Once reconditioned transmissions have been disassembled, they are chemically washed, thoroughly cleaned and all internal parts checked for damage. Gaskets, seals and filters are then replaced with manufacturer specification components.


There are many benefits to having a reconditioned transmission fitted, with one of the main being that it will ease wear on your gearbox, likely saving you money on potential future automatic gearbox repairs or automatic transmission repairs. This can save you significant costs and hassle. New reconditioned transmissions also improve vehicle performance, resulting in smoother gear changes and a safer driving experience. Finally, you can even help the environment by choosing recycled parts for a new transmission system.


Benefits of Our Service


What sets us apart from competing Croydon businesses is our dedication to quality customer service, superior standards of workmanship and competitive pricing. The cost of our automatic gearbox repairs, automatic transmission repairs and fitting of reconditioned transmissions includes diagnostics, labour, fluid replacement and aftercare.


  • Transmission specialists with over 50 years of experience
  • Repairs and fitting of the highest standard using manufacturer-approved parts
  • Complete diagnostics inspections to quickly identify problems
  • Competitive prices and free, no-obligation quotations for all customers

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