Gearbox Repairs in Bexley From Dealership-Trained Technicians

At Dartford Transmissions & Autocare Ltd, we extend our services throughout the wider Kent and Medway areas to include the growing suburban area of Bexley. With over 50 years of experience, we are a highly professional and experienced team specialising in automatic gearbox repairs, reconditioned transmissions and transmission fluid replacement.


Very few companies in the Bexley area provide such a dedicated service range that focuses on gearbox repairs on all vehicle manufacturer makes and models. On this page, we’ve provided some detailed information about these services, including reconditioned transmissions and transmission fluid replacement.


Reliable Automatic Gearbox Repairs


Our transmission services begin with full diagnostics checks and make no mistake, Dartford Transmissions & Autocare Ltd have invested heavily in the most advanced industry equipment to perform the quickest and most efficient inspections. The results of our diagnostic testing give our highly trained technicians a detailed analysis of problems in the transmission system. With a clearer picture in mind, we inform our customers of any automatic gearbox repairs needed.


No matter how minor or major the repairs, you can trust our team of qualified mechanics to repair your vehicle’s gearbox components using the best quality, guaranteed replacement parts. We work on all marques of vehicle, including 4x4s and BMWs, for customers in Bexley.


Reconditioned Transmissions


If required, we can use reconditioned transmissions that lower the cost of repair work and offer an unconditional 12,000 miles or 12-month warranty on all our reconditioned transmissions, a benefit that gives our Bexley customers total reassurance and peace of mind. In many cases, poor transmission performance is simply an indication that maintenance is required such as transmission fluid replacement.


This is an important element of gearbox maintenance as if left unchecked, fluids lose their viscosity and over time, the residues and poor fluid quality lead to a breakdown of important gearbox parts. At Dartford Transmissions & Autocare Ltd, we specialise in transmission fluid replacement and exchange up to 98% of the existing material.


Our technicians undertake automatic gearbox repairs, reconditioned transmissions and transmission fluid replacement in accordance with recommendations made by your vehicle manufacturer. These specialist services are available to all customers in the Bexley, Kent and Medway areas. If we can be of any further assistance, or if you would like us to quote for automatic gearbox repairs, call our friendly team today.

Call Dartford Transmissions & Autocare Ltd today on 01322 281 212, to find out more about our gearbox repairs. We are ideally placed for motorists in the Bexley area.